Agency for Prevention of Corruption

The Control and Monitoring Plan of the election campaign for the local elections in Mojkovac, Petnjica and Cetinje was adopted

Sept. 20, 2021

The Agency for the Prevention of Corruption has adopted the Control and Monitoring Plan for the election campaign for the local elections in Mojkovac, Petnjica and Cetinje, which will be held on December 5, 2021.

The plan defines the activities that the Agency will carry out towards political entities, state authorities and other legal entities, in order to efficiently implement the competencies prescribed by the Law on Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns.

Through the implementation of the Plan, the Agency will:

  • Control political entities, their activities, funds collected and spent during the campaign;
  • Control compliance with prescribed prohibitions and restrictions on the use of public resources in the campaign;
  • Ensure the transparency of the election campaign by publishing documents on campaign financing and the use of public resources, in accordance with the Law;
  • Continuously provide the subjects to the Law with guidelines, advice and opinions regarding its implementation;
  • Act on all complaints and suspicions of violating the Law;
  • Initiate misdemeanor and other proceedings in accordance with the Law.

In addition, the Agency will pay special attention to analyzing the participation of public officials in the election campaign, monitoring, recording and analyzing activities and controlling reports of political entities in the campaign, especially controlling non-financial contributions, as well as promoting the results of law enforcement and cooperation with subjects to the Law and interested public.

The ultimate goal of effective implementation of the Control and Monitoring Plan is to strengthen the integrity and credibility of the campaign, and to contribute to the environment of citizens' trust in the election process.

As during the election processes held in 2020, the plan will be implemented in accordance with the Law, as well as the methodologies for efficient implementation of the Agency's control competencies, which are defined taking into account the proposals of international experts from the Council of Europe and the civil sector.

Agency for the Prevention of Corruption