Agency for Prevention of Corruption

The Italian ambassador visited the APC

July 19, 2023

As part of the ongoing efforts to strengthen international cooperation in improving the work of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption, the President of the Council, Momčilo Radulović, Director Jelena Perović, and Deputy Director Boris Vukašinović met with the Ambassador of Italy to Montenegro, Andreina Marsella.

President Radulović presented the organizational structure of the Agency and summarized the most significant results achieved during the past four years and the mandate of the current Council. In addition, he provided practical examples highlighting the importance and impact of the central preventive anti-corruption institution and the positive assessments from international partners, primarily the European Commission.

Director Perović briefed the esteemed guest on upcoming activities and mechanisms used to contribute to the promotion of the rule of law and the strengthening of the legal state.

The leaders of the Agency also drew attention to the real possibility of the institution being blocked because the mandate of the members of the Council expires at the end of July, and the Parliament of Montenegro has not yet initiated the procedure for the election of new members.

Ambassador Marsella emphasized that in the fight against corruption, the performance of the state administration alone is not sufficient, and it is necessary to apply a "bottom-up" approach with a crucial role for citizens. She pointed out that it is essential to make citizens aware that the „existence of corruption affects them, causing them to pay more and receive less “.