Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Press Release from the continuation of the 66th session of the Council of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption

March 1, 2022
Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corrupiton

At today's session of the Council of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, the APC’s Work Plan for 2022 was adopted.

In order to facilitate the monitoring of the Agency's work by the interested professional public, the Council requested that a wider round of consultations be held next year, primarily with the NGO sector and international partners, on improving the reporting form of the APC and presenting the achieved results.

Also, it was requested to make an analysis of the overall national strategic framework in the field of anti-corruption, with recommendations for improvement, which would eventually result in initiating the development of a new document that will address those areas not covered by existing strategic documents.

The APC’s work plan for 2022 includes 13 key goals formulated in accordance with the normative framework governing the work of the Agency, which elaborates the activities, expected outcomes, result indicators, as well as the time frame for the implementation of activities, participants and responsible persons.