Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Announcement from the 90th session of the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption

March 31, 2023

At today's session, the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption adopted the Agency's 2023 Work Plan.

It was established that numerous activities and a large number of controls were carried out in the campaign for the election of the President of Montenegro, in accordance with the Control and Supervision Plan, and that the transparency of the use of public funds and the financing of political entities during the election campaign was ensured.

We have reviewed, controlled and published on the Agency's website all contracts, reports and documentation submitted by authorities.

In the course of the campaign so far, 18 inspections of government bodies and political entities have been carried out, while the inspection of monthly spending for February, and the verification of the delivery of employment documentation are in progress, as well as the inspection of the prescribed limits on debt write-off and the use of machinery. A total of 182 procedures or controls were initiated ex officio, that is, 71 based on submitted complaints.

When it comes to political entities, maximum transparency of campaign financing is ensured. Specifically, all reports, as well as most contracts and invoices of political entities in the campaign, have been published.

It was clarified that the essential control of the activities, that is, the expenses of political entities, is carried out in such a way that their activities are monitored from the beginning of the campaign through the acquisition of documentation related to them, then through the control of given conditions, possible discounts, etc.

A part of the service providers submitted price lists and they regularly submit documentation, while the Agency asked 42 of them for documentation on the services provided to political entities in the campaign.

We recorded 166 activities by 83 service providers. The value of the funds spent based on the recorded activities of all entities amounts to a total of €951,367.

As part of the second item on the agenda, the Control and Supervision Plan for the upcoming parliamentary elections, which will be held on June 11, was discussed.

It is planned to distribute a total of €3.2 million for the needs of the campaign.

The agency plans at least 10 on-site inspections of authorities and all political entities.

The Agency's main priorities in that process relate to:

- Transparent use of public resources and collected and spent funds of political entities in the election campaign;

- Control and publication of all decisions on the distribution of funds from the budget reserve;

- Proper calculation and reporting of non-monetary contributions;

- Monitoring, recording and analysis of activities and control of reports of political entities in the campaign, especially accuracy and completeness;

- Acting on all objections due to suspected violations of the Law;

The Council of the Agency will continue to monitor all the activities that the Agency carries out during the current election campaign.