Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Announcement from the 89th session of the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption

March 17, 2023

At today's meeting, the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption adopted the Agency's Work Plan for 2023.

The Plan includes 13 key objectives formulated in accordance with the normative framework that regulates the work of the Agency. Activities, expected outcomes, result indicators, as well as the time frame of implementation, participants, and responsible persons, have been elaborated for each objective. The mentioned document also includes obligations arising from the APC Strategic Plan 2022-2024.

As part of the second item on the agenda, the Information on the activities of the APC during the campaign for the election of the President of Montenegro was discussed.

It was established that numerous activities and controls in the election campaign provided for in the Control and Supervision Plan were carried out, as well as that full transparency of the use of public funds and financing of political entities was ensured.

All contracts, reports, and documentation provided by authorities have been reviewed and published on the institutions' website.

A total of 17 controls were conducted on authorities and political entities, while the control of monthly spending for February, verification of employment documentation, and control of prescribed debt write-off restrictions and use of machinery are currently underway.

173 proceedings and 81 misdemeanors were initiated against the responsible persons in the authorities or political entity.

All candidates for the President of Montenegro submitted the necessary reports within the prescribed period.

APC is monitoring the use of funds, i.e., campaign expenses, by tracking their activities from the beginning of the campaign, obtaining documentation related to those activities, controlling the conditions given, etc.

In the course of the campaign so far, control of all seven entities was carried out, documentation (contracts, invoices, statements) was obtained, as well as minutes, which, along with accompanying documentation, were published on the APC website.

138 activities by 76 service providers were recorded, while control by 35 service providers is ongoing. The total value of funds spent based on recorded activities is €915,626 for all entities.