Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Announcement from the 87th session of the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Feb. 8, 2023

At today's meeting of the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption, the Plan of control and supervision during the campaign for the election of the President of Montenegro was discussed, as well as the activities of the Agency during the campaign for the election of councilors in the Municipality Assembly of Tuzi.

The total number of those obliged to implement the Law on the territory of Montenegro is 1,045. Three announcements were issued that refer to the obligations, limitations and prohibitions of authorities, the deadline for submitting price lists and the announcement of an inspection.

None of the candidates has yet opened a separate giro account, and the deadline for opening is March 1.

In accordance with the Law on Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns and the Ministry of Finance's information on the amount of the current budget, the limit of the election campaign expenses was determined in the amount of €1,769,098.32.

When it comes to employment, a total of 952 contracts were submitted by February 1.

A total of 40 one-time financial assistances were paid by the municipalities, which related to benefits for newborns and social housing.

The Ministry of Finance and Municipalities submitted 50 reports for two periods, which refer to statements from the treasury and an analytical card on the consumption of the budget reserve.

A total of 74 decisions were submitted, on the basis of which a total of €74,884.02 was paid from the current budget reserve, of which 53 related to one-time financial assistance (€17,110).

So far, 25 complaints have been submitted, which were related to the non-publication of analytical cards.

The control and supervision plan foresees field control of two municipalities (Bar and Nikšić), one business company (Monteput d.o.o.) and four educational institutions, two ministries (Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare) and one health institution (Clinical Center of Montenegro).

Controls of all candidates whose candidacy has been confirmed are also planned, during which an immediate inspection of the subject's documentation will be carried out, as well as all data on the activities of the subjects in the campaign will be collected.

When it comes to employment, 82 contracts were submitted to the Agency (21 indefinite, 40 definite, 8 service contracts and 13 professional training contracts).

So far, there have been no payments of one-time financial assistance from the current budget reserve, nor by the Center for Social Work or the Municipality of Tuzi.

The total number of subjects to the Law in the territory of the municipality of Tuzi is 21, while the limit of election campaign costs is set at €10,255.90.

Bearing in mind the above data, as well as the actions of the APC during the campaign for the election of councilors in Municipality Assembly of Tuzi, it was concluded that the Agency regularly carries out all activities in terms of control and supervision, as well as that transparency is ensured in terms of compliance with obligations, prohibitions and limitations.