Agency for Prevention of Corruption

Notice on the obligations of political entities that participated in the local elections on October 23

Nov. 18, 2022

Based on Article 50 of the Law on Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns, political entities that participated in the elections for councilors in 14 local governments, held on October 23, are obliged to prepare a report on the origin, amount and structure of collected and spent funds from public and private sources for the election campaign within 30 days from the day of the election, that is, by November 22, and submit it to the Agency for Prevention of Corruption. Statements from the account opened for the financing of the election campaign and documentation (contracts, invoices, decisions, etc.) accompanying the reported funds collected and spent are submitted with the report.

During the campaign for the elections held on October 23, the Agency continuously recorded the activities of all political entities and controlled the contracts and accompanying documentation that it obtained from service providers.

Based on the data collected on these activities, in accordance with the methodology of control of the financing of political entities, the Agency will conduct an essential and in-depth control of the completeness and accuracy of submitted reports and, in accordance with the law, inform the public about the results of the control.

The reports will be published on the website of this institution within the prescribed period of seven days after receipt.

After the control of the report, the Agency will notify the competent local self-government bodies to pay the remaining 80% of the budget funds for financing the election campaign costs to the political entities that won the terms of office, in proportion to the number of terms of office won.